5 Skinny Cocktail Recipes for Spring


It’s almost April and chances are those resolutions you made months ago have been tossed to the side. And then you realize, it’s almost April and stores are starting to carry skimpy bikinis and you feel that pressure to shed a couple pounds, or at least not indulge in extra calories.

Unfortunately, alcohol is the first this that most diet regimens encourage you to cut. Every year it seems like the weight sticks just a little harder. If you’re just looking to limit calories, without depriving yourself, here’s some skinny cocktails that will help you kick-start your summer bod.

5 Springtime Skinny Cocktails Recipes



Drinking a Mai Tai and getting that fresh and fruity taste of summer might be convincing enough to rock a two-piece. Made with rum, triple sec, lime juice, almond extract and mixed with a skinny simple syrup, this delicious drink can be garnished with a pineapple and enjoyed without the guilt. The skinny simple syrup is what really makes it. Find the Skinny Mai Tai recipe from A Little Claireification.



Margaritas are so yummy and fun, but they usually pack a lot of calories due to their high sugar content. By using fresh fruit and fruit juice in this margarita, you can cut the calories that margarita mixes offer. This little guy has only 145 each! Grab the Skinny Blackberry Margarita recipe from Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts .


Sometimes with red wine, bulkier fruit, and added sugars, the refreshing taste of sangria can go right to your waistline. By lightening it up with a skinny sugar replacement, using white wine, and controlling how much fruit is added, you can make this yummy drink without the guilt. Bonus points- white wine doesn’t stain like red wine does! Find the Skinny Sangria recipe from Linda Wagner here.



Pina colada? More like LEAN-YA colada! Skip high calorie drinks that make you bloated and almost sick with how much sugar is in it. Get right into the summer feel and bring your summer body with it with a reduced calorie version of the pina colada. With coconut water and fresh pineapple juice, it might be just what you need. Check out the recipe for this Skinny Pina Colada.



Mint, lime, strawberries and green tea sound like the basics for a hot summer bod plan. Mix that with a little rum, and you have a delicious cocktail that tastes fresh, flirty and fun. This low calorie take on mojitos is sure to please and keep your muffin top in check. Mom On Time Out shares this yummy Skinny Strawberry Green Tea Mojito recipe on her blog.

Love margaritas and mojitos, but hate making them yourself? Just pop into your local Howl at the Moon and we’ll take care of it! Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with us and you can even grab one of our Megaritas. Yes, it’s as delicious and enormous as it sounds.




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